Emily Rogers is a well-known name to most gamers that follow the industry news, particularly those that are fans of Nintendo. Emily had gained a following based on her alleged connections close to Nintendo and the predictions she makes based on these sources. However, upon examination of the track record of the rumors from Emily Rogers it becomes apparent that her predictions are hit-or-miss at the best. Yet among many she is considered an infallible source whose predictions and rumors are taken as the truth the instant they are posted. The following examples where show instances in which rumors posted by Emil Rogers have turned out to be incorrect. Hopefully this will lead to people practicing a little more healthy skepticism when facing rumors from sources claiming to have inside connections.

Starting with one of the most infamous cases of Emil’s predictions being incorrect, in 2011 Emily made a blog post where she laid out a slew of predictions, boldly proclaiming that she so strongly believed that every single one was correct that she would stop posting altogether if any single one of these rumors was incorrect.

Emily Rogers rumors 2011

Of the 18 predictions she posted, 7 of them were correct, that’s an accuracy rate of 39%,, which is an F on most 10 point grading scales. In no other sphere would this be considered accurate enough to deem the person a somewhat credible source, let alone a fully reliable source, yet in in the time since this post, Emily Rogers has remained a person that is considered a reliable source.

Fast forward to 2016, where Emily Rogers makes several predictions about the Switch (then going by the cone name NX). She posted that the console would get ports of Zelda Wii U (Breath of the Wild), Splatoon, Mario Maker, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U. This time she was much more cautions, including the disclaimer that people should take it with a grain of salt. She also stated that it was possible the games are in development but won’t come out, which is a rather incredible claim, that these flagship first-party titles, that are part of the catalog for the first year of a new console, and are far enough in development that there is scuttlebutt about them in “insiders”, would be dropped from development from out of the blue. It appears that Emily is trying to hedge her bets, but dining so in a manner that isn’t too convincing considering the scope and importance of the titles.


She was right to try and damage control because of the ports she listed only Breath of the Wild was real (and possibly Smash Bros, if the upcoming game is a port of Smash for Wii U). While we’re on the subject of Breath of the Wild, Emily posted some rumors about this game that also didn’t quite pan out.

Zelda Rumors

The most glaringly wrong of these speculations was that there would be two playable characters in Breath of the Wild, also the rumor that the game would be fully voice acted aside for Link.

One of the most infamous incidents of Emily Rogers feeding the community a rumor that turned out to be false is the case of her stating that Mother 3 would be released on the Wii U’s Virtual Console.

These are but a few examples that show that Emily Rogers is not much more accurate than the average fan on speculation, and for a person that lays claim to having multiple sources. In the end, there is no evidence as to why Emily’s rumors should be taken as more credible than  any other average fan’s. If you wouldn’t accept a rumor at face value from any other random stranger on the internet, then that same skeptical eye should be brought to the rumors posted by Emily rogers. The Nintendo fan community would have much less consternation and confusion if this were the case.

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