Pokémon Let’s Go Breaks 300 million Worldwide, Japanese sales lower than expected

The release of Pokémon Let’s Go has seen the games do well in the western markets, becoming the fastest selling Switch title in the U.S. and Europe and selling 300 million units worldwide. In the Japanese market the sales for these games have been more subdued with Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee only selling through 63% and 52% of this initial shipments underselling Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s figures by 20 percent. The games also failed to beat out Splatoon 2 as the fastest selling Switch game in Japan with Let’s go taking the second-place spot. If these sales figures are an indication, it appears the homeland of Pokémon is much more lukewarm on the integration of Pokémon Go mechanics and the simplification of the battle system. With Generation 8 promised to be a return to form, many potential players could simply be biding their time waiting for the next games.

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