Cranium Apparel Faces Criticism for “Esports Dresses”

Gaming gear company Cranium Apparel is in hot water after announcing esports dresses as a way to support the female gaming community. After facing backlash on Twitter, the company is looking to the community for feedback to create more women’s gaming apparel.

Crainium Apparel Faces Criticism for "Esports Dresses"

Esports Gaming Apparel company Cranium Apparel us taking a bit of a beating after a post announcing their Esports branded dresses. However, the company has taken the backlash to heart and turned it into a positive moment of open dialogue.On March 2nd the company posted a tweet that they were releasing a new product, a line of esports branded dresses to show support for the “female games who get so much backlash in the community”.

The tweet was immediately attacked with people question if females were involved in the design process to which the company admitted that there weren’t any in the design process, though the items were focus-tested among women that gave them a positive response.

As the attacks continued Cranium Appeal offered up an apology for the tone-deafness of the initial attempt, and vowed to gather feedback from the responses in a tweet stating:

This situation has become an example of how companies should be more active in reaching out to the gaming community at all stage of development before releasing a project. Cranium Apparel made a mistake, but they are on the path to correcting it, and by taking heed of the criticisms the company is gaining invaluable insight and feedback that they can use to improve their products. This is the result when companies don’t immediately dismiss waves of community outrage and criticism that comes after revealing a product that misses the mark.


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