Escaped Chasm Demo Available Now

Today Temmie Chang released her proof-of-concept/demo game Escaped Chasm. The demo is about an hour long and takes place inside of a house. The demo doesn’t have any combat or game play beyond walking and examine the objects around the house. The style is heavily influenced by Earthbound and Toby Fox’s Earthbound-inspired Undertale and Deltarune, which isn’t surprising since Chang worked on both games with Toby. Escaped Chasm has 2D animated sequences that differentiate it from Fox’s games. The game also makes use of thematic color, everything is blue to suit the down tone of the game, with small splashes of color creeping in as the character’s world changes.

The story in the demo is melancholy and heavy on exposition, set around a girl that has low confidence and seems to be trapped in her house while her parents have suddenly vanished. The lack of combat makes the pacing of the demo feel much slower, which combined with the already downbeat story crates an experience that some players may find off-putting, especially if they started the game expecting something in the vein of Undertale. The game is being made in RPG Maker, so it is assumed that any combat that would be in the full game would be turn-based.

As of yet, there is no expected release date for the full game, Chang has made it clear that the demo was a proof-of-concept and if the game were to start development in Ernest it would take a long time.

Escaped Chasm can be downloaded from

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