Persona 5 S Teaser Site Revealed

On April 2nd Atlus put up a teaser that reveals an announcement relating to Persona 5 S that’s coming April 25th.
Inside the source code of the teaser site there is a hidden message that reads:

    Calling Card
    April 25, 2019.
    We will show you a new Phantom Thieves that will turn the world’s cognition on its head.
    We are energized by voices that seek satisfaction.
    Once again, we will take your heart at the Ryougoku Kokugikan.
    —From the Phantom Thieves.

Ryougoku Kokugikan is the location where Atlus is holding the “Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019: Welcome to No. Q Theater!” concert event. It is expected that this message means that during the event there will be a reveal of something new for the Persona series.

Images have surfaced that show a Best Buy Point of Sale terminal that shows a listing for Persona 5 for Nintendo Switch. This potential leak combined with the news of Atlus’s Persona 5 S announcement, make a strong case that at this event the company will reveal a port of Persona 5 for Nintendo Switch.

Ever since it was revealed that the Joker, the Protagonist from Persona 5, would be the first DLC fighter coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it has been expected that a port of Persona 5 would be coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. This would mark the first time that a mainline Persona game has graced a Nintendo Console. In the past Nintendo platforms have seen Persona Spin-offs like Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. The mainline Shin Megami Tensei series, from which Persona itself was a spin-off, has been on the Nintendo platforms with the newest installment currently in development for Nintendo Switch.

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