Mark Cerny gives more details on Sony’s next-gen console

Today in an exclusive interview with WIRED magazine Mark Cerny confirmed that the next generate of PlayStation is on the way, and that the console won’t be coming out in 2019. The console will feature a modified 8 core 8-core CPU based off AMD’s Ryzen. The GPU will be a customized version of Radeon’s Navi which will support ray tracing technology which produced Hollywood-style visual effects. Cerny also confirmed that the console will be back-wards compatible with the Playstation 4 and will use physical media. Sony has accelerated the distribution of devkits for the console to developers, so they can get used to the new platform and produce a launch lineup.

No details on a name or price for the console have been revealed. Sony is not holding an E3 conference this year so it is unlikely that the console will be revealed during the event.

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