Google Stadia Connect reveals release date, pricing, and games.

Google’s Stadia Connect stream aired today. The broadcast laid out the key details on the platform’s pricing, release date, and some of the upcoming games.

The presentation was polished, but Google’s lack of understanding of the gaming community was made clear as the presentation was filled end-to-end with ports, multi-platform games, and almost no actual game play footage. The stream also had some minor technical issues as the feed stammered and buffered at several points throughout. Not a sign that bodes well as Google is trying to convince the world that Stadia will stream games from their servers at at perfect zero latency.

Google needed to make a grand statement to justify gamers buying into Stadia. The presentation falls well short of that mark. The fact that the Stadia presentation has chat and comments disabled is a testament to how aware Google is that they are offering little justification for people to adopt this new platform which already carries the hard stigma of Google, and all its infamy, as well as the questionable nature of streaming games.

Google Stadia launches this November. This will be the true test for Stadia, when those subscribers get to see how games play on Google Stadia. There will be little in the way of newness or original content, so it will be critical that Google deliver on the sole selling point that they have been pushing since Stadia was announced, graphically advanced, latency-free, 100% cloud-based, gaming experience. If Google can meet that lofty promise, then the Stadia may survive the launch and generate enough buzz among gamers and game developers to garner some genuine interest in the platform, and by next year’s E3 Stadia could have something more to entice the community.

Here is a rundown of the big reveals from the Stadia Connect:

Baulder’s Gate 3

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Gylt – A stealth puzzle game similar to Limbo or Little

Get Packed – A couch co-op party game with ragdoll physics similar to Gang Beasts.

The Division 2

Destiny 2

Google Stadia subscription will be $9.99 per month.

A $129 Founder’s addition that includes Chromecast, a Stadia Controller, extra Stadia passes for friends or family, and early reservation of Stadia usernames.

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