More Details on Pokémon Sword and Shield Revealed During E3

During Day 1 of Nintendo’s Treehouse Live stream gameplay of Pokémon Sword and Shield was shown off. Masuda and Ohmori of Game Freak were there to provide more details on the games.

– During the E3 Nintendo Direct presentation it was announced that the Poké Ball Plus accessory from Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee is compatible with Sword and Shield. However, the compatibility is only for storing Pokémon in the device and walking with them. It can’t be used as a controller for the new games. Also if you connect a brand new Poké Ball Plus, that still has Mew on it, Mew can be transferred to Sword and Shield.

– The second Gym Leader was also revealed. The Water-Type leader Nessa, who uses Dreadnaw.

– Screens from the demo on the show floor reveal that one of Grookey’s moves is called “Branch Poke”.

-The names of some of the locations in the Wild Area were revealed: Lake Miloch, Rolling Hills, and Lake Axewell.

– While in the Wild Area there is a feature called Y-Comm, that displays notifications on the status of other players, such as if they catch a Pokémon, or want to trade or battle.

– Max Rain Battles have a 10-turn limit, and each player can only bring a single Pokémon, selected from their party or PC, to the battle.

– Every turn the ability to Dynamax shifts between players.

– Dynamaxed Pokémon can sometimes use multiple moves.

– At half health a barrier spawns that protects the Dynamaxed Pokémon, and players must take turns attacking the barrier to shatter it.

– During the stream Masuda announced that Pokémon Home can only be transferred to Sword and Shield if they appear in the Galar Region Pokédex. Meaning that some Pokémon will be completely unobtainable in Sword and Shield.

– Two new Pokemon have been seen in the E3 Demo. The Electric-type Corgie Pokémon Yamper, and the Dark/Fairy-type imp Pokémon, Impdimp. Yamper has a new ability called Ball Fetch, that activates when it is not holding an item and allows it to fetch back the first Poke Ball thrown if it fails to catch a wild Pokémon.

– There is a meter every Pokémon has for their “Dynamax Level” it isn’t known at this time what that means.

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