Announcements from Pokémon Worlds 2019 Opening Ceremonies

New Battle Strategies in Sword and Shield

  • Galarian Weeezing has the new ability Neutralizing Gas, which neutralizes all of the Pokémon’s abilities for as long as Galarian Weezing is in battle.
  • Also revealed was a new hold items for Pokémon called Room Service which lowers the speed of the holder during Trick Room.
  • The new held item Eject Pack which causes the Pokémon holding it to switch out when their stats are lowered.
  • The new move Breaking Sweep, which lowers the attack stat of all Pokémon the move hits.
  • Corviknight has the new ability Mirror Armor which reflects any stat-lowering effects.
  • Dynamaxed Pokémon can ingore moves that cause flinching like Fake Out.
  • Max Attack moves have secondary effects such as boosting the stats of teammates, or setting up weather conditions.
  • The online system will have ranked modes and casual modes.
  • There will also be official online competitions, and players will be able to create their own tournaments to play with friends.

Sword and Shield TCG set Coming Soon

A trailer for the new Sword and Shield expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game was revealed. The trailer indicated that a new V type of card will be introduced and it will be similar to the Pokémon GX cards of the Sun and Moon era of the TCG. The first Pokémon V cards revealed were Zacian V and Zamazenta V.

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