ESA Announces That There Will Be no Digital Event to Replace E3 2020

Last month the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced that the E3 2020 video game expo was cancelled due to concerns related to the corona virus. In the announcement the organizer stated that they would work with game companies to organize an online substitution for the event. The announcement read:

“We are also exploring options with our members to coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and news in June 2020. Updates will be shared on”

Over the weekend the ESA confirmed the dates for E3 2021, reconfirming that that event will be online. In an statement give to PC Gamer the expo organizers revealed that there will be no digital event to replace this year’s cancelled live event. Instead they will post updates to the E3 website as game companies make announcements are reveals if they choose to hold individual virtual conferences.

Bethesda games recently confirmed that they would not be holding a digital event. As of yet it is unknown if any of the game companies will be holding their own streaming events.

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