Nintendo Reveals Paper Mario: Origami King in Surprise Trailer Drop

Today Nintendo made a surprise announcement revealing Paper Mario: Origami King, a brand new game in the Paper Mario series.

In the game story the Mushroom Kingdom has been taken over by King Olly, who has cast an origami spell across the kingdom turning many of the inhabitants into origami soldiers, and has folded Princess Peach into an ominous doppelganger. Mario must battle through many lands and foes to find a way to break Olly’s curse and save the Mushroom Kingdom.

The game will feature a new ring-based battle system that combines the turn-based battling of traditional Paper Mario titles with a rotating circular battlefield, so players must strategize to line up enemies to do more damage.

In the trailer Bowser has been folded into a square and it appears that he, and some of his minions, may team up with Mario to save the day. Mario also teams up with king Olly’s sister Olivia, and gains the new 1000-folded arms ability that helps him solve various paper-themed puzzles throughout the adventure.

Paper Mario: Origami King will be coming to Nintendo Switch on July 17th. Nintendo will likely reveal more information as the game release date draws nearer.

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