Min Min Revealed as Newest Smash Bros. Fighter

In an announcement video today Masahiro Sakurai revealed the much-anticipated first fighter of the second wave of DLC fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was known that the fighter would be someone from the ARMS fighting game that released on Nintendo Switch in 2017. The fighter was revealed to Min Min the ramen chef and martial artist.

Min Min brings along a powerful moveset based on her set from ARMS. Along with the fighter a new stage based on ARMS, along with a compliment of 18 songs and remixes from the game will be coming.

Several new Mii Fighter Costumes will also be coming including Vault Boy, from the Fallout series. It was also confirmed that Amiibo for Joker, and Hero are in development will release later this year.

The Min Min DLC pack will release on June 29th and will cost $5.99 to purchase individually.

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