Mixer Platform to Close Down as Microsoft Partners with Facebook Gaming for Streaming

Today Mixer announced that the service would be shutting down as Microsoft moves all streaming services to the Facebook Gaming platform. The announcement states that all current Mixer partnered streamers will automatically be given partner status on Facebook Gaming, and the streamers participating in Mixer’s open monetization program will be eligible for Facebook Gaming’s Level-Up program, which will provide similar functions.

The announcement continues by stating that all current Mixer partners will receive double their earnings for the month of June, and encourages users to spend their remaining Embers and Sparks to support their favorite content creators. At the termination of service any users that have outstanding Embers Sparks, channel subscriptions, and Mixer Pro subscriptions, will be receive Xbox Gift Card credit,

The Mixer service will end on July 22, with the urls and the Mixer app redirecting users to Facebook Gaming. The Broadcast to Mixer feature on Xbox One will be disabled while they transition the feature to Facebook Gaming.

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