Newest Game from Temmie Chang, Dweller’s Empty Path, Out Now.

Today Temmie Chang, artist known for her work on Toby Fox’s Undertale and Deltarune, as well as for her own game Escaped Chasm, has released her newest game, Dweller’s Empty Path. The game takes place in the same universe where Escaped Chasm ended and follows a new protagonist that made several brief appearances during the story of Escaped Chasm. Dweller’s Empty Path appears to be based on Temmie’s 2018 short animation “Dweller’s of the Mountain’s Forest“.

The game is longer than Chang’s’s first outing, clocking in at around 2-3 hours for the first play through. One again Temmie makes use of a singular color pallet, this time using shades of green as opposed to the blues in Escaped Chasm. Also like Escaped Chasm the game features no combat, and focuses on unraveling the secrets within the game’s story by talking and interacting with characters and exploring. On the subject of exploration, this game features a nice variety of locations.

Dweller’s Empty Path is available now on Temmie’s page for a pay-what-you-want price.

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