Document Leak Reveals Truth About Pokimane and Fedmyster’s Relationship

Today a document leaked on the internet that was written by streamer, and former OfflineTV member, Fedmyster. The 25-page document provides a timeline for their relationship and highlights mischaracterizations that Pokimane made in her stream about Fedmyster earlier in the year.

The document reveals that Pokimane and Fedmyster had a volatile on-again off-again semi-relationship where the two existed in a cycle of getting close, flirting, and acting as a couple, then Pokimane would distance from Fedmyster whenever another potential romantic interest enter the scene. This new information runs counter to Pokimane’s claims that she and Fedmyster never had any kind of relationship.

Later on in the document it is explained that Pokimane’s claims that Fedmyster tried to get fellow Offline TV member Yvonne fired were also inaccurate. Screenshots of text conversations provided in the document reveal that Pokimane was very dissatisfied with Yvonne’s performance as a personal assistant to the streamer, and as the manager for Offline TV. The texts show that Pokimane was campaigning to the other members that the group needed to hire a new manager and Yvonne should ultimately be removed. Fedmyster is shown to be defending the position that Yvonne should remain with the group as a new manager is hired.

A few hours after this document leaked Fedmyster made a post where he revealed that he did not intend to release the document, and that it had been leaked online by a friend he had confided in. He also confirms that he and Pokimane have talked about what was revealed in the document and have come to terms.

Pokimane hosted a stream where she went through the document and attempted to refute some of the points and give her perspective. Though, her response was mostly ineffective at addressing the revelations in the document. Pokimane glossed over much of the points that were raised in the document and dismisses most of the claims.

This is the latest in a seemingly never-ending stream controversies for Pokimane. Who faced backlash over the summer for her abuse of YouTube’s content strike system to remove videos criticizing her. Then taking things one step further by rallying her fans to target YouTuber It’sAGundam over a video he had made about the streamer. Pokimane’s past use of racist slurs on stream has been a long-standing controversy for the streamer.

It is unlikely that the revaluations from this document will lead to anything more that a little embarrassment for Pokimane, who is the face of the Twitch platform, and the top-viewed streamer on the site.


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