Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 Revealed as the Next Fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

During last night’s Video Game Awards show Nintendo showed a new trailer revealing Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII as the next fighter coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the Fighter Pass vol 2 DLC. Sephiroth will be the third character revealed out of 6 total, and joins the ranks of Min Min from Arms, and Steve from Minecraft in the Nintendo Switch blockbuster fighting game.

Earlier this year the Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode 1 reintroduced gamers to the world of Gaia and the sprawling adventure that led Cloud Strife and his friends on a quest to stop Sephiroth from destroying the entire planet. This remake featured HD Graphics and all of the game assets rebuilt from the ground up and the battle system reworked from the turn-based active time battles of the original to real-time hack-and-slash combat more akin to Final Fantasy XV. The original version of Final Fantasy 7 was also ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2019 so Switch owners got a chance to relive, or experience the game for the first time. At this point it is unknown when part two of the HD Remake is due to release, as well as if it will even be ported to systems besides the Play Station 4.

Sephiroth’s moveset seems to incorporate his masamune and its incredible range giving Sephitroth extraordinary reach for his attacks. It also allows him to pull of recovery moves like stabbing into the stage to recover, and to slice off the edge of the some stages.

Sephiroth will come with his own new stage and, the trailer features a new remix of “One-Winged Angel” Sephiroth’s infamous theme song. His Final Smash appears to be based on his final battle with Cloud in the original Final Fantasy 7.

Cloud will also receive a new version of his Final Smash for when he uses it against Sephiroth. This version of the Omni Slash is based on Final Fantasy Advent Children.

Sephiroth is scheduled to release later this month. On December 18th Sakurai will hold a game play presentation for Sephiroth where he will give more details on the DLC.

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