Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. Review

The form factor of the hardware is very aesthetically neat. The device sports a gold face with red trim that invokes the look of the original Game & Watch hardware. The buttons are snappy and well-made, which makes for smooth and responsive game experience. The screen is a full-color 2.5 inch LCD that provides a bright and clean display for the games. The device runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is charged via USB type C-to-A cable, which comes with the hardware. The device is light, but not flimsy, so gamers can easily carry it with them to play on the go. The small size of the device might take some getting used to for larger hands, but that doesn’t hurt the ergonomics much.

The device features three games, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, (known as Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels in the western markets), and Ball from the original Game & Watch. The Super Mario Bros. games are full ports of the original titles with a few easter eggs included such as the infinite lives trick. The version of Ball included is a remake of the classic featuring Mario (and Luigi) instead of Mr. Game & Watch. Rounding out the software is a digital clock application that displays the time as part of a living Super Mario Bros. stage, that changes over time. The digital clock app features many easter eggs including the “Drawing Mario” song from Flipnote Studio, which can be accessed by holding down the A button while on the clock screen. It’s a solid collection of software titles with a focus on Mario’s humble beginnings.

Nintendo have always been masters of creating portable hardware and this is a perfect example of that skill. Playing with this device will being back memories of playing with the Game Boy and DS hardware of days past. If Nintendo would delve into the realm of making a Game Boy classic edition, this gives us a good example of the quality to expect.

At $49.99 USD this nifty little device is a good value for Super Mario Bros. enthusiasts and collectors of Nintendo hardware in general. This is a limited edition that will no longer be restocked after March 15, 2021. Due to the limited nature of the device it has been out of stock since launch. So if you are interested you have a few month window to pick this little gem up if you can find it in stock.

Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. is currently available at GameStop and Amazon.

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