Google Shuts Down ‘Stadia Games And Entertainment’ Internal Development Studio

This Week Google announced that they are closing down their internal game development studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment.

In the announcement blog post Stadia vice president, and general manager, Phil Harrison, made efforts to reassure the industry that the Stadia platform is alive and well. He goes on to say that the decision to shut down Stadia Games and Entertainment is based on an effort to refocus on supporting third party developers in bringing their games to Stadia.

With the announcement of the closure of Stadia Games and Entertainment it was announced that studio head Jade Raymond will be leaving Google. Raymond posting on twitter confirming this:

Stadia Games and Entertainment closing down over a year from the launch of the platform is a move that doesn’t instill confidence in the struggling platform. After a troubled launch, and unenthusiastic adoption rates. And successful launches of the next gen hardware, the Playstation 5 and XBox Series X, This latest news comes off as a sign that Google is already looking to consolidate the Stadia brand. This shift away from first-party development kills the platform’s efforts to compete with the consoles on AAA first-party exclusive games.

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