Stephen Totilo Resigns From Kotaku

Kotaku Editor-in-Chief Stephen Totilo has announced that he is resigning from the position.

Totilo joined Kotaku in 2009, and in 2012 became the editor-and-chief. During his tenure he oversaw the blogs drastic shift in content. Once known for its coverage of video game industry news, Japanese culture, and gamer culture, the site shifted focus to social issues, politics, and viewing gaming through those lenses.

The site, and Totilo are probably most known for their involvement in spawning the GamerGate consumer movement, when it was found that several of Kotaku’s writers had conflicts of interest due to relationships subjects they had been covering.

In 2016 Kotaku’s parent company, Gawker, filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and all Kotaku along with all of it’s sister sites were purchased by Univision and out under the label Gizmodo Media Group. Then in 2019 Great Hill Partners acquired Gizmodo Media Group and is the current parent company of Kotaku.

Totilo’s departure marks the latest, and the most high profile, staff exit for the failing site. Last year writer Jason Schreier left Kotaku citing the new ownership of G/O as the reason. The sites under the G/O umbrella have been losing members constantly over the past year. Totilo’s exit marks the last well-known name at the website. As of now it isn’t known who will succeed Totilo as editor-in-chief at Kotaku.

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