Twitch to Purge Over 7.5 Million Bot Accounts

In a series of social media posts Twitch announced that the platform would be removing 7.5 million accounts that the site has identified as ‘bot accounts’. The post cautions that streamers may notice drops in their viewer counts as well as follower counts. This comes as an effort to combat view-botting and follower-botting, which is an issue that has plagued the platform. The bot accounts were identified by a machine learning algorithm that the company is currently using and training.

This new crackdown on bots comes as the platform faces growing controversy over the disparity in site moderation with several popular creators that have violated the site’s terms not receiving punishment for those violations. This has lead to a growing belief that the site misuses the terms of use to bully smaller streamers and to remove popular creators that the site wants to remove.

Last week Twitch announced new community guidelines that allow the site to remove streamers if they are believed to have acted in a way that violates the Twitch’s community guidelines even if they do so outside of the Twitch platform. This effectively allows the site to ban users for off-site behaviors.

Twitch partner Pokimane has been embroiled in several controversies which have violated Twitch’s community guidelines, including flagrant use of racist terminology, targeted harassment where she encouraged her community to harass and attack other content creators and their sponsors. To this day the streamer has never been properly punished by the platform.

These latest moves indicate that the site is prioritizing enforcement of the community guidelines over the quality of life of the viewers and creators, which has been on a steady decline for the past several years. This is likely due to the company’s push to seek future partnerships with other major corporations for content and transition the platform to becoming be more like YouTube.

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