Valve Reveals Nintendo Switch Clone Steam Deck Handheld PC Hardware

Today Valve Corporation announced the Steam Deck handheld PC hardware. The form factor and function of this device are taken heavily from the Nintendo Switch hardware.

The according to Valve the Stream Deck is a fully-functioning PC hardware that will come with SteamOS installed and allow users to log into their steam accounts and download and play the games in their library as well as use all the other fictions of Steam. A Steam account is mandatory to use the Steam Deck, though Valve says that third party software can be installed on the hardware as it is a fully-functioning PC.

The hardware is 4.6inches by 11.7 inches, and weighs 23.6 ounces. The console runs on the Zen 2 processor, and RDNA 2 GPU, similar to what is used in the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X.

The Steam Deck sports a 4-by-6 inch touchcreen, two thumbsticks positioned towards the top of the face of the device, similar to the thumbstick position on the Left Joy-con on a Switch.

The face buttons are ABXY buttons in the layout used by Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, and a D-Pad. The hardware also features two trackpads positioned below the thumbsticks. Valve claims that these trackpads have 55% less latency than the trackpads on the older Steam Machines.

Valve will make a dock available that allows users to connect their Steam Deck to the dock via USB-C and to conncect the dock to a TV or Monitor so games can be played on a big screen. The dock is sold separately from the Steam Deck.

Reservations for the Steam Deck begin on Friday July 16, with the hardware scheduled to start shipping in December.

  • The price for the base Steam Deck, which features, 64GB internal storage, is $399.
  • At $529 a 256GB storage model is available that uses SSD internal storage.
  • At $649 a 512GB model is available that has anti-glare glass in the screen and an exclusive virtual keyboard theme.

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