Gaming Influencer Melonie Mac Posts Video Coming Out Against the Toxic Culture in the Gaming Industry

Today Melonie Mac, a gamer, content creator and influencer, posted a video in which she speaks out against the toxic culture in the gaming industry. In the 22-minute video she speaks on how early in her career she faced mistreatment and abuse from others in the industry over her being a christian and a republican at the time. She also recounts how the social pressures and mistreatment she faced forced her to adopt extremist left ideals and become anti-christian just to “fit in” and be accepted among her industry peers.

Later in the video Melonie Mac speaks on how there are so few people republicans and people with christian beliefs in the industry because of a rampant culture of intolerance that drives out these perspectives. She also notes that a lot of Christians and republicans in the industry just keep those views hidden to avoid the inevitable onslaught of abuse from industry peers that will come to them.

She continues by saying that part of what has inspired her to come out with this video is the rise of cancel culture being used as a weapon to oust people from the industry for having perspectives that don’t line up with the dominant extremist left-wing ideals of the industry. Mac has returned to her christian faith, and has started to see the abuse increasing towards her, and then she started making social media posts about respecting people’s bodily autonomy which has resulted in a full-on cancel culture campaign on Twitter with Mac’s industry peers digging up forum posts from 17 years ago, which hold views that Mac no longer believes and has long since grown from, in an attempt to ruin her reputation.

Mac concludes by saying that she doesn’t expect others to speak up and risk their livelihoods, and that she is speaking up for the people that feel the same but have no voice as well as herself. She states that she has reached a stage in her life where the industry pressures and threat of cancelling no longer intimidate her, and speaking her mind and being honest with herself is more important.

Melonie Mac is currently the host for GameStop TV, and is sponsored by GFuel and there has been no sign, as of this time, that she will be removed. She has a Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch where she creates content and posts frequently.


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