Game Boy Advance to Receive First New Game Since 2008

Goodboy Galaxy is a Metroidvania game being developed by U.K. based independent developer Richard “Rik” Nicol, and his friend Jeremy. The duo are big fans of Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance hardware and wanted to create a new game for the platform. Goodboy Galaxy is planned for release on a physical Game Boy Advance cartridge with a box, instruction manual, and stickers. The game will also have digital releases on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter, and currently has raised over $79,000. The campaign has reached the funding goal for the Switch and PC versions of the game to be enhanced ports featuring couch co-op, modern aspect ration, and enhanced audio.

Goodboy Galaxy will be the first new Game Boy Advance game since Samurai Deeper Kyo, which was localized and released in 2008 for the handheld.

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