343 Industries Community Support Staffer Melts Down and Attacks a Fan on Twitter Over Halo Wars 2 Outage

Over the past 36 hours the servers for Halo Wars 2 have been down. This has caused a lot of concern for fans who have been unable to use any of the game’s online features. Twitter user Team Respawn tagged the Halo Support team and asked them why they haven’t properly communicated to the fans that there would be an outage.

Postums (Twitter username: @343Postums) who is a Community Support & Engagement Coordinator posted a reply to the fan ranting about Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine in a post implying that the fan didn’t care about global events. Postum’s tweet earned a lot of backlash with peopling calling him out for using the crisis as an excuse to deflect legitimate concerns about 343’s continued lack of transparency with the playerbase regarding game services.

Team Respawn has received death threats over his tweet thanks to Postums public and inappropriate response. As of this writing Postums has made no comment on his rant, and offered no apology to the fan he attacked. 343 Industries has also made no comment.


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