Pokémon Journey’s Voice Actor Daman Mills Accused of Sexually Molesting a Minor

Today a man going by ‘Duncan’ posted a Google Doc chronicling his experience. Duncan met Mills over Facebook in 2012, at the time Duncan was 15 and Mills was 19. Over the next few years a friendship would develop that was characterized by Mills engaging in grooming behavior toward the 16 year-old and on several occasions molesting the minor. According to the document, every attempt made to express his discomfort with Mills sexual advances and was met with anger from the actor. Over the course of the relationship Mills moved closer to Duncan’s home and started visiting the house regularly. During the visits Mills would force Duncan to sleep in the same bed as him, and on these occasions a variety of instances of harassment and molestation would take place. Mills would use his fame to intimidate and pressure Duncan’s friends and family. The behavior described matches the textbook characteristics of a grooming situation.

Mills is most famous for his role as Freiza in Dragon Ball Super dub. He has voiced several characters in the Pokémon Journeys English dub. He has also voice characters in several video games including Fire Emblem:Three Houses, Disgaea 6, Shin Megami Tensei V, and Lost Ark.

As of this time Mills has made no statement. There have also been to statement made by The Pokémon Company or Crunchyroll.


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