SquareEnix Announces Kingdom Hearts IV

During SquareEnix’s Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event Kingdom Hearts IV was announced with a gameplay trailer. Kingdom Hearts IV marks the beginning of a new saga called the “The Lost Master Arc”. The trailer shows Sora, who appears to have been transported to a new world called “Quadratum” a place that resembles a city in real-world Japan. A new character is shown and explains that Sora arrived in the world seven days ago suggesting that this game takes place right after the events of Kingdom Hearts III. Suddenly a giant Darkside heartless appears in the middle of the city and Sora goes to fight it.

The combat shows some new gameplay elements such as Sora now having a grappling hook ability that allows him to pull himself towards objects, he is also shown using a keyblade ability that creates an drill made of light energy. Two figures in black hoods are shown to be watching Sora, one of them stating that even if Sora escapes Quadtatum, he won’t find his way back to his home world. The trailer ends with Donald Duck and Goofy searching for someone that they believe can help them with something, presumably finding Sora. A mysterious voice call them from behind and a magical burst appears.

The game is being made in Unreal Engine 5, and the worlds are currently being developed. No release date or platforms have been announced.


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