Gamer Girl Queen Belle Delphine Returns to Internet

This week the gamer girl, internet star, and meme queen Belle Delphine made her first posts on social media in over a year.

On April 18th Belle posted to Twitter:

She made another post on April 19th:

The posts showcased Belle still has her signature style, and her ironic wit. The second post was more sincere with the creator saying that she missed the internet and has a lot to catch up on.

The 22-year-old is known for taking extended brakes from the internet seemingly out of nowhere. The last time Belle posted before this week was February 14th 2021 where she posted to her Twitter account promoting a line of gaming PC accessories by Ghost Keyboards who created a Bell Delphine collection.

During the 14-month hiatus many fans wondered where Belle was and why she vanished. Several critics created videos and posts proclaiming the death of Belle’s career as many have done during her previous disappearances. As of this time Belle has offered no explanation for her disappearance, and if she has proven anything with her hiatuses it is that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder even on the internet.


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