Twitch.TV to Reduce Partner Payment Rate and Push More Ads to Viewers

In a Bloomberg report sources inside the Amazon-owned streaming service announced plans to restructure the partnership program. The payout split for the top percentage of partnered streamers will be decreased from a 70/30 split down to a 50/50 split. The platform is looking to increase ad revenue by pushing more ads to viewers to that end the partner program is being restructured to incentivize streamers to push more ads to their viewers in order to get a better split of ad revenue. In an attempt to lessen the sting of this move, the platform is also considering removing the exclusivity clause from the partner program allowing Twitch partners to stream on other platforms like Google’s YouTube platform, or Meta’s Facebook.

The Ad Discourse on Twitch

According to the report, some of these changes could roll out as early as this summer. Ads have always a big issue on the platform due to their intrusive nature interrupting the live broadcast and causing viewers to entirely miss crucial moments on stream. This impacts the creators as well because viewers will often tune or and leave the stream rather that being inundated with ads that take them out of the viewing experience. This new partner partner program arrangement is very likely to hurt both viewers and streamers alike, and could drive many creators and viewers away from the streaming platform.


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