Pokémon Company Lawsuit Settles Sword and Shield Leakers Ordered to Pay $150,000 Each

This week the news came out that the 2019 lawsuit that The Pokémon Company had filed against two people responsible for leaking information from the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games ahead of their release.

In the weeks leading up to the release of the games in November 2019 critical details from the game were posted online including revealing game mechanics such as the Gigantamaxing feature. It turned out that these leaks came from two people that were working at a company that TPCi had hired to print the strategy guides for the games. The leakers took photos of the guides as they were printed and posted that information online.

In the suit The Pokémon Company claimed that the leaks caused irreparable damage to the upcoming release causing losses of countless profits and doing damage to the brand overall. Due to these damages the judge decided that the defendants would pay a fine of $150,000 each.

The decision can be read here.

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot coming to Nintendo Switch December 3rd

In a surprise announcement during the Nintendo Direct E3 stream Nintendo announced Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot is coning to Nintendo Switch this December.

The game will be an HD remake of Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, the fourth and fifth games in Nintendo’s Wars series that started with Famicom Wars. Advance Wars was the first game in the series to see release outside of Japan.

The game is a strategy RPG from Intelligent Systems, the same team behind the Fire Emblem series. In the game you play as the COs of the Orange Star army and watch in strategic military battles to protect the nation from various threats of other nations armies.

The last entry in the series was Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for the Nintendo DS in 2008. With the success of Fire Emblem, Advance Wars has taken a back seat as most of Intelligent System’s efforts have been put into the more popular franchise. If this remake is successful it could mean a revival for the series with more new titles in the future.

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot releases on December 3rd for Nintendo Switch.

Game & Watch Legend of Zelda Coming in November

During Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct stream it was announced that a Game & Watch featuring the Legend of Zelda will be releasing this year to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series. This will be simular to the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. that released last year.

The Game & Watch Legend of Zelda will have The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventures of Link, The Game Boy version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and a version of the Vermin Game & Watch game featuring Link and Octoroks. This Game & Watch will also have a playable watch screen, and a timer function.

Game & Watch The Legend of Zelda releases November 12th.

Metroid Dread Coming to Nintendo Switch This October

During today’s Nintendo Direct Nintendo revealed Metroid Dread, the first brand new 2D Metroid game in 19 years. In the game Samus is shown to have a new version of her classic power suit. This enables that has new features including invisibility via the Phantom Cloak feature and magnetic grappling via the Spider Magnet feature.

The game is being developed by Mercury Steam, the same team that worked on the Metroid II enhanced remake, Metroid Samus Returns. It sees the return of free aim, and the melee counter. These features have also been enhanced to be usable while Samus is dashing.

The main enemies in the game are the E.M.M.I., a robotic weapon developed by the Galactic Federation. They hunt Samus down as soon as they detect her presence, and Samus must find new weapons to damage them, as they wre immune to her standard arsenal.

The game is scheduled to release on October 2.

Sea of Thieves and Pirate of the Caribbean Crossover Content Coming June 22nd

Microsoft has announced that the next content update to Sea of Thieves will be a crossover with Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean. It will feature a new story where players meet with Captain Jack Sparrow and adventure to discover the source of a new course that is swallowing up the seas.

The free Pirates Life DLC is coming to Sea of Thieves on June 22

‘Babylon’s Fall’ Revealed to be a Live Service Set to Release Later This Year

During today’s Square Enix Presents E3 presentation more information on Platinum Game’s upcoming action game Babylon’s Fall was revealed. To the surprise of many hardcore Platinum Games fans the game was revealed to be a multiplayer live service game, rather than the single-player full game experience that has been expected since the game was first announced back in 2018.

Registration for the beta is open now, with the service coming to PlayStation 5 and Steam.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy coming October 26th to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch Via Cloud

During the Square Enix Presents E3 stream Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was revealed. In the game players take on the role of Peter Quill, A.K.A Star Lord and lead the Guardians of the Galaxy on a series of adventures. The game combat has players using Star Lord’s abilities, and giving commands to AI teammates to activate their abilities.

The game release October 26th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Eyudin Chronicle: Hundred Heroes coming in 2023

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference it was revealed that Eyudin Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will be coming to Xbox in 2022, and that another game Eyudin Chronicles: Rising will be coming to Xbox this summer.

Eyudin Chronicles is a new JRPG coming from Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano the creators of the Suikoden series. Inspired by the success of Octopath Travelers the team has set out to create a game in that vein that harken back to the golden age of JRPGs. The game was funded through a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020 that raised over 481 million yen (4.39 million USD).

The game will be published by 505 Games, and will eventually release on all platforms. The game releases in 2023, a delay from the original release date of October 2022 given in the campaign. A second game titled Eyudin Chronicle Rising is coming in 2022, both games will be day one releases on Microsoft’s Game Pass.

Red Fall, new Open-World Shooter from Arkane Studios, Coming Summer 2022 Exclusively to Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 PC

At the end of Microsoft’s E3 conference Bethesda’s Arkane Studios revealed a cinematic trailer for Red Fall a new open-world shooter that can is multiplayer co-op and single player. The trailer shows an apocalyptic setting where survivors with special powers are seen fighting against vampires. The game is coming summer of 2022 to Xbox Series X|S, and Windows 10 PC.